Writing the Perfect SAT Essay

Writing the Perfect SAT Essay

Are you about to take the SAT? The SAT essay is one of the sections that people worry about the most, but with a little preparation, you can ace it. You just need some new SAT essay examples and plenty of time to practice. Since the test requires more than just writing skills, having an SAT essay sample can help you understand exactly what is needed.

Parameters of Evaluation for the SAT Essay

The new SAT essay rubric explains the steps you need to take in order to complete the essay section of the test. There are three areas that you’ll be graded on, reading, analysis, and writing. Each section has its own score and the goal is to get 8 points in each section. An SAT essay practice test will give you a good idea as to whether you can accomplish this easily or not and to practice perfecting your techniques.

Reading:The reading section of the essay requires you to read the 650-750 word text. If you’re not a fast reader, this can take up far too much of your time. Learning to read a little faster can drastically improve your score, because you’ll be able to finish in time.

Analysis: The next part of the test is analyzing how the argument is presented in the text. This will determine what and how you write your essay. An SAT essay practice test is a good idea just so you know what to expect for this part.

Writing: Finally, you’ll be expected to write a full essay with a clear thesis statement and supporting statements. Your information will come from the passage you have just written and should focus on explaining it, rather than detailing whether the passage is right or wrong.

Why You Need a SAT Example

You can practice writing and read all the new SAT essay tips all you want, but unless you know exactly what to expect on the actual test, it’s going to be tough to write. Practicing ahead of time is the best way to prep for the test.

You may be assigned one of any number of SAT essay topics, so get an idea of the types of topics that are offered before you sit the exam. You can find SAT essay examples to use in books and online, so look at a few of them to check out some of the more common SAT essay topics. You can’t actually predict what you’ll be asked to write about, but writing on a variety of topics during the practice period should help prepare you.

It’s also useful to time yourself during these practice sessions. You’ll have 50 minutes to read the prompt, analyze it and then write a convincing argument about it. First time test takers often have difficulties with the SAT essay time, because they’ve never tried to time themselves. If you do test, it’s best to know roughly how long it takes you to read and analyze a section of text.

Time management is of the essence when you’re writing your essay. If you allow yourself 15 minutes to read through the text and choose a perspective to support, you’ll only have 35 minutes left to write the entire essay and then proofread and edit it.

The SAT essay is a big part of the full test, so acing it will help boost your overall score. If you’re not comfortable writing an essay, check out SAT essay examples to use and practice as much as you can before you actually sit the test. Practice can mean the difference between a 4/4/4 score and an 8/8/8 score, so it’s worth your time.