Introduction to Creative Writing

Introduction to Creative Writing

What is creative writing? Many people assume creative writing is only fiction, but it actually covers a range of imaginative writing, including poetry, imaginative non-fiction, biographies or memoirs, and, of course, fictional stories. This type of writing expresses emotions or thoughts and helps the reader feel them, as well.

Getting Started with Creative Writing

Very few people automatically know how to start writing creatively. You aren’t born with the knowledge, but it can be learned. Reading books is a very effective method of learning to write and the more you read, particularly from a wide variety of authors, the more you’ll learn. Don’t just stick to reading, however.

More and more expert writers are creating writing courses that anyone can take to learn the art of imaginative writing. Writing courses provide you with instruction and feedback. While knowing how to write creatively is a good skill, it isn’t always something that you can develop in a vacuum. It’s important to get that feedback, too. That’s precisely what a course can provide, along with careful direction to guide your writing.

Writing courses are designed to be a faster way of learning creative writing. Rather than spend years learning the ins and outs of the art by yourself, you can piggyback off of those who have already been there. Professional writers are the ones who have usually been in the depths of the publishing industry for years already and they have plenty of knowledge to share. Choose their courses to study instead of those who are just guessing and haven’t actually done much yet.

Can you learn all of this simply by reading books and taking notes? Yes, but it will take you far longer if you’re trying to reinvent the wheel on your own. You’re far better off working with someone who has already been there and is ready and willing to share their knowledge.

Learn to Write Creatively

The best way to learn to write creatively is to practice on a regular basis, whether or not you are using a writing course. Join a writer’s prompt group or pick up a book with writing prompts to get started. You can even create your own, simply by choosing images to write about, but it does help to have someone who will critique your work.

Each day, sit down and write a paragraph or two on your prompt. The exercise will help you become more creative and expand your writing style. Since it’s only a short piece, you can feel free to play with the writing style and create unique ways of writing. Then test it on someone else. Do they feel the emotion behind the words? Does your writing evoke images for them? The true test is when someone else reads what you have written, but you can also leave your work for a day or two and come back to get the full impact.

Creative writing courses are also very useful when you want to learn to write more imaginatively. Again, the feedback is invaluable and you will receive clear constructive criticism to help improve your writing, whether you’re working on a creative writing essay, a biography (or autobiography), novel or even a poem.

Every writer dreams of perfectly capturing their thoughts and emotions and putting them on paper to share with others. Not everyone is successful. This is where creative writing comes in. When you learn to write creatively, you begin to create sentences, paragraphs and stories that come alive and suck the reader in. It doesn’t matter if you’re planning to make a career out of writing or if you just want to express yourself better, writing courses are a great way to get started.


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