Humanities Essays

Humanities research papers tend to cover culture and society. It can be very helpful to look at a humanities essay example to get a better idea for what is expected. In general, you’ll want to select a fairly narrow topic to write about.

Humanities essay topics usually examine a specific question, such as whether or not Plato should be considered a philosophical giant or which artistic industry saw the biggest growth during the Industrial Revolution. As long as it relates to culture and society, your topic can arguably be about humanities.

The beauty of writing a humanities essay is that you can choose something that is interesting or exciting to you personally. It’s far simpler to write humanities research papers when you’re invested in the research yourself. Pick a topic that you’ll enjoy writing about, but which is also fairly original. More unique topics or a unique approach to a common topic will help you get better grades and impress the professor.

A good humanities essay will contain a clear thesis statement that lets the reader know exactly what they are about to read and the topic to be covered. The research also needs to be impeccable and use high quality sources, as these will be checked. This type of essay is actually one of the simpler options, thanks to how open ended it is.

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