How to Write a Good College Essay?

How to Write a Good College Essay?

Part of college is writing essays, which often stand for a large part of your grade. If you want to get good marks, it’s essential to know how to write a good college essay. This is a skill that will stand you in good stead for years to come. Here’s how to do it.

Brainstorm On the Topic

The first thing you need is a topic. This may be assigned to you by the professor or you may have to choose something yourself. Either way, start with this step.

Not sure what to write about? Do a little preliminary research to get some ideas. Type your topic into a search engine and see what comes up. You may also look at notable news sources in your area of expertise to come up with some ideas.

Once you have a good idea for your essay, collect as much information from primary sources as possible. You can use an outline to organize this information into a more orderly structure.

Write the First Draft

The first draft of any college essay is usually quite the mess. The main thing is to just get the information down. You can use a college essay template for this or just work from your existing outline. Most essays are around 5,000 words long, so it can take a bit to get it all down.

Keep in mind that your essay needs to flow. If you’re writing a regular term paper, it should include at least three arguments for every point you try to make. If you have more than one perspective, add arguments for each of these. Everything you write should be backed up with reputable sources.

Revise and Edit

With the first draft done, you are ready to go back over the essay and fix it up a little. It’s usually best to do this a minimum of three days after you finish the first draft. Leaving the essay for a bit will give you fresh eyes as you examine it again. It’s not uncommon to miss even obvious problems because you are the one who wrote the paper and know what you meant.

This stage should be pretty thorough. Eliminate any extra sentences or anything unnecessary. This is a good time to make sure you haven’t repeated any words too often. Consider the essay a chance to show off your vocabulary.

It never hurts to have someone else take a look at your essays. Often, new eyes can catch things that you might miss simply because it’s your own work. 

Final Polish

Your college essay should be top quality. After revising and editing, it will probably be pretty close to perfect, but a final polish is a good way to make sure. This final edit is where you fine tune everything. Look for phrases that sound a little awkward and sentences that could be tightened up or improved.

If anything seems unclear in the essay, now is the time to add a little more information. Check all your sources and make certain that you have made no errors in the listing of sources. Run it all through a spell checker one last time, too.

The final pass should have your essay ready for turning in. You’ve done your best to ensure it’s a top quality essay and it’s time to see what the reviewers think.

Writing a good college essay isn’t rocket science, but it does require some planning and research. Make sure you give yourself plenty of time for researching and editing. Writing may well be the fastest part of the entire essay. The steps here will take you through writing a high quality essay, but it’s up to you to execute it.



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