How to Write an Expository Essay

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How to Write an Expository Essay

Writing an expository essay may have to do with investigating an idea, evaluating pieces of evidence, elaborating on the idea, and succinctly presenting an argument concerning the idea. It can exist in the form of comparison & contrast, analysis (cause & effect), definition & examples, etc.


Essentials of an Expository Essay

  1. You must have a vivid and succinct thesis statement in the Introduction. It should be directly relatable to the guidelines of your essay.
  2. You should write with transitions between paragraphs. Doing without transition phrases or sentences can make your reader unable to follow your essay well. Your essay may have a collapsed structure if omitted.
  3. Provide evidence and support in the Body. For every point raised per paragraph, you should have detailed evidence but presented concisely. Your support sources must have a connection with your thesis statement too.
  4. When including evidential supports, it can be factual, logical, statistical, graphical or anecdotal.
  5. Try not to approach essay assignments only in some sort of formulaic manner. You can creatively leave a lasting impression for your readers as long as you write logically.
  6. Do more than restating your thesis statement in the Conclusion. Essay to readdress your main argument in the light of evidence and support provided. This area is where your readers acknowledge if your claims are sound and compelling thus it must be written effectively and logical. Nonetheless, don’t be tempted to add new uncovered information here.


A Complete Argument

An expository essay can be compared with having a conversation or debate with a classmate. For instance, I have an opinion regarding the cause of the Great Depression and how it affected the people around that time. When writing, there would be a beginning, middle, and conclusion to my debate. If I concluded the exposition in the middle of my third point, queries concerning the present effects on the people may arise. That is why it is essential to be thorough and logical all through an expository essay.

The Components of the Five-Paragraph Structure

This is a common method applied by many essay writers till today. It is not the only way to present a good expository essay structure but it is proven to be effective. Its components are:

-       1 Introductory paragraph

-       3 Body paragraphs, and

-       1 Concluding paragraph 

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