How to Write a Speech

Public speaking is a common phobia, scarier than death for some people. Being well-prepared with a killer speech can help dispel that fear. Whether you're presenting your latest research, promoting a product, or proposing a policy, these speech writing tips can help you write a speech that is memorable and even fun to deliver.

1. Know your audience

The tone and content of your speech will vary widely based on who you're speaking to. Keeping your audience in mind as you write will help you target their interests and keep them engaged with your speech.

2. Write in your voice

It can be tricky at first to write in a style that is appropriate for a speech. To ensure your language is conversational, read out loud as you write. Dictating your speech will help you make sure your voice comes through.

3. Short words and sentences go a long way

Long sentences and big words that make sense on paper can be very hard to follow when spoken out loud. Keep your writing tight and concise. You'll be understood better that way.

4. Use transitions

Make your speech easy to follow. Using transitions helps break your speech into logical chunks for your listeners. You audience's ears will perk when they hear phrases such as "most importantly" or "what this means is."

Practice, practice, practice Once you know how to write a speech, it becomes easy to construct it. Once you are comfortable and confident with the speech you've written, it will come across when you're up on stage. Half of the battle is the delivery, but it all starts with writing a speech you'll be proud to deliver.

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