How to Write a Song

Songwriting is a special kind of writing, which requires a knack for rhythm and rhyme. A song can be as simple as a few repeating lines or it can be a full story, put to a tune. Whatever type of song you choose, it should be meaningful to you, as this will come across when you’re singing. How do you write a beautiful song? Here are a few tips:


  • Choose a topic that means something to you. This is the best way to write an amazing song. Just about anything can be turned into a musical melody, so go with whatever you feel strongly about.
  • Come up with a great title/hook. Your title should pull people in and make them want to listen to your song. It will also present you with the main points you want to cover in your song.
  • A simple tip for what to write in your verses is to answer a question in each one. To do this, you’ll want to make sure you have a question, which can come from your title or hook. Write a list of questions brought up by the title and then answer them.
  • If you are beginning with music and then adding lyrics, keep in mind that the words are just as important as the music. They need to pull their own weight and not end up weakened because of how the lyrics need to fit the music.
  • Songwriting is a long process in many cases, so be patient. It may seem simple at first glance, but those few lines need to be precise to get the point across in just a handful of words. Make them count.


Music and songs are something that everyone can enjoy and while songwriting can be a challenge, it can also be very fulfilling. When you get those lyrics down and they all come together, you’ll feel the magic.


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