How to Write a News Article

A news article is meant to inform people of a time-sensitive event. This may range from an accident to a local sports win or new product being put out by a company. Unless it is an opinion piece, the article should be without bias. The following tips will help you create an excellent news piece:


  1. Before you begin, answer the questions who, what, when, where and why. These are all relevant to the story and are details that people need to know.
  2. Avoid “burying the lead” or making people read several paragraphs before they find out what the story is actually about. Instead, begin with the most important piece of information and let the reader know immediately what to expect in the article.
  3. Try to include quotes in your news article. Often, the police or paramedics will issue a statement that can be used, or you might call up the company in question to get a statement from them. Adding quotes to an article makes it more authentic.
  4. Be sure to include enough information that your readers can make an informed decision about the event. This should be presented without any bias on your part. You are reporting the facts, not giving your opinion.
  5. In the conclusion, it’s a good idea to include information on where they can learn more, such as a phone number or website for a relevant authority. Give your readers a way to learn or help, by providing information on taking action.


When complete, your news article should answer all the basic questions that readers will have. If they come to your article for information on an event, will they be satisfied at the end or will they need to keep looking to get the full story?

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