How to Write a Gun Control Essay

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How to Write a Gun Control Essay

Being asked to write essays on sociocultural or sociopolitical topics have recently become a traditional assignment. Popular subjects like gender inequality and public health only make it understandable why a professor may ask for a gun control essay. While keeping in mind that this typical essay follows the conventional structure as a regular academic paper, there is certain information here that might help you make your essay richer.


Tips for Gun Control Paper

The regulation of gun ownership enforced by the law is still debated today due to certain circumstances like recent spate mass shootings. The Second Amendment passed in 1791 as part of the Bill of Rights is a major source concerning this subject. Pro-gun activists stand where guns are to be accessible to all while opponents feel gun laws should be more restricted. However, a general objective query states that mass killings of innocent people need to be stopped. So, what position can favor this issue exactly?

This automatically makes one wonder whether the First Amendment is flawed. Critics mention that it is crucial to revisit the law changes regarding the applicability in a contemporary setting. Some of the considered changes are discussed below.

Modern Technology: Technological advancement is one of the most significant growths since when the First Amendment was adopted. Inventions like social media and the Internet make things more accessible within a short period. Consequently, one can effortlessly get their hands on firearms and even learn how to couple from the comfort of their homes. This modern method alone can cause higher cases of mass shootings. So, why should the same law become enacted if that stage of technological advancement existed in 1791?

Racial Discrimination: This is considered one of the major reasons that instigate mass shootings, especially in America. But isn’t it possible that racists who have no desire to commit mass shootings exist? Just like the popular phrase that says, “People kill people, guns don’t kill people.” So, why blame racism for such outbreaks of violence or even the lack of an effective gun policy.

Mental Health: In 2018, there was a survey conducted in New York which revealed having 19.1% of adults in the US are mentally unstable to a particular extent. What now happens if such individuals were given accessibility to firearms? Mental health used to be an underemphasized aspect in the area of gun control policy until recently.

Self-Defense: One of the common points that pro-gun activists mention concerning ownership of firearms for all includes self-defense. They stated that a reason why mass shootings occur is because the instigators believe that regular people won’t be armed. But if they are aware of an area having individuals all with a possibility of owning firearms, they may have a rethink towards rampaging.


Final Words

So, from the mentioned examples above you can easily create certain arguments for a gun control essay. Will making guns available for the masses reduce mass shootings? Or should a stricter firearm control regulation be applied? And how will gun control lobbyists react to either scenarios?

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