University of California Personal Insight Question 8

University of California Personal Insight Question 8


Beyond what you’ve mentioned before, why do you believe you are a special candidate for getting admission into the University of California?

Key considerations: This is where you describe another significant quality you possess that the previous prompts so far haven’t allowed you mention. Is there something that hasn’t been highlighted to make yourself known better? Do not be afraid to brag a little.


The’s Question’s Essence

The university wants to know what unmentioned qualities of a person you are that would make a splendid addition to their class of students.

-       Use this opportunity to describe that personal quality or experience that the other essay topics didn't let you talk about.

-       It is recommendable you choose this topic only if you have an exceptional experience or quality to share. For example, were you the youngest person to single-handedly win a season of BattleBots?


What UC hopes to learn about you?

University intends to acknowledge students that have special and noteworthy stories to tell. Basically, the members of the admission office want to know:

-       What happened to you

-       When and where it occurred

-       Your concern in this situation

-       How it affected your personality

-       How it affected your education

-       How the effect  on you may influence the campus


Why UC requests for such information?

-       It provides context to applications that may otherwise seem mediocre or subpar.

-       It helps explain times in one’s transcripts where grade significantly dropped or rose.

-       It provides for wide diversity on taking in new students.

-       It helps discover unique skills or abilities that may not reflect on other application materials.

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