University of California Personal Insight Question 7

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University of California Personal Insight Question 7

How have you significantly contributed to making your school or community better?

Key considerations: Define community as you deem fit – school, hometown, etc. All that is expected is that you describe the quality of your role within the area. Was there an issue you tried resolving? What motivated your thought/act? What did you earn for your efforts? How did your actions benefit the community or certain people? Did you make the change by yourself or collaborated with some others?


The Question’s Essence

The prompt wants to know how you engage with your environment. There are many things that can be drawn from this:

  1.   Your sense of place and connection


-       Describe what or who constitutes your community, including whether you are connected to a place or group of people.

-       Mention the traits or qualities that identify you with the community.


  1.   Your empathy and capability to think big


-       There have to be specific issues that motivate you to think about fixing them in your community. Discuss them here.

-       Explain how you empathize with people in your community.


  1.       Your problem solving abilities


-       Describe how you made the difference in your community.

-       Explain your relation to how the problem was addressed if you didn’t tackle it directly.

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