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Section 1

In this response, you share your ability to positively influence the communities around you. Remember that a “community” can be anything from your home and family to your school to your town, or any specific organization.


Do: Write about the role you took towards helping or solving a specific problem.


Don’t: Write a list of community service you have participated in.

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Your Role in the Community

As an active member of my [school/community] I have participated by [briefly describe your role in your school or community, eg “leading a specific project/organizing an outreach event/volunteering my time to a cause/leading a charity event.”] My role also included [briefly describe another action you took to contribute to your school or community.]


Section 2

Here, you will explain the impact your involvement had on others. Think about who benefited and what changed because of your role. 


Do: Explain 1-3 specific effects (results) of your actions. 


Don’t: Be vague or write about how you inspired others. Focus on real, tangible results.

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Results of your Actions

My [school/community] has benefitted from my contributions. Through my role I was able to influence [briefly describe what changed as a result of your influence.] Additionally, my involvement supported [briefly describe another benefit your school/community received as a result of your actions, eg a new project/positive changes//awareness of a cause/charitable endeavors.]


Section 3

This section is your reflection on why the type of work you did is valuable. You may also reflect on how you plan to contribute to your community in the future. 


Do: Explain why the type of work you did, in general, is important. 


Don’t: Write about the work of other people. This is a personal reflection statement.

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The Big Picture

I learned important skills through my [school/community] involvement. Specifically, I practiced [leadership/organization/creativity] and became a more [organized/patient/kind/resilient/understanding] person. I was able to make my [school/community] a better place by creating [lasting change/a new program/more resources/a more tight-knit community.]

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