University of California Personal Insight Question 6

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University of California Personal Insight Question 6


Is there an academic subject that inspires you? Describe how you have furthered your interest within and without your school environment.

Key considerations: There are certain subjects that students tend to have much higher preferences for. If applicable, how have you furthered this interest? Describe your interest and any experience that demonstrated it inside and outside the classroom. What have you benefited from it so far? Did this interest influence your major career decision. Do you have an inspiration that makes you want to pursue the subject further?


The Question’s Essence

Basically, you’re being asked for a glimpse of your imagined possibilities. It can be easily answered if you’re the type that lives science and spend part of your summer taking extra biology classes. Someone else may not have a specific academic interest or probably discovered his/her academic passion at a later time. Consequently, the question can be answered in two parts:

  1.   Having a preference


-       One can simply explain from subjects that they get much higher grades as the subjects pave a path that likely leads to what they would be interested in majoring in.

-       One may explain from subjects they don’t necessarily have higher grades in, but are intrigued by the subject's wide field of study and its application in a manner that excites them.


  1.   Relevance


-       One can describe from events of how their passion for Mathematics made them engage in engineering programs and related clubs.

-       One can describe from an experience on how they had no peculiar interest in theatre classes, for example, but highly valued how the subject made them better communicators in life through acting lessons. 

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