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University of California Personal Insight Question 3


What would you describe as your greatest skill or talent? Have you been able to apply and develop the talent over time?

Key considerations: This is the time to share any major talent or skill you’ve got. It does not necessarily have to be accompanied by merited awards. Of what importance is the skill to you? Did you discover the talent naturally or it developed over time? Is your talent applicable in and/or outside the classroom? Does your talent have a place in your daily schedules?


The Question’s Essence

All that’s mainly asked for here is a beaming rave. When describing this skill or talent, try to enjoy yourself and talk confidently about it. The essay has two major parts:

  1. The Narrative


-       This is a story that ultimately lets you tell what you’re amazing at. Mention any outstanding thing you’ve done or mind blowing ability you have.

-       From the prompt’s instructions, it is obvious you don’t have to stress on a narrative. You can simply mention any one of your most meaningful abilities and expand on it.

-       The prompt also employs you to write further on the way your skill has contributed to your life.

-       “...what you write about is not as important as how you write about it.” Your ability to demonstrate the importance of the event you describe shows more value about you than the specific talent or trait ever could.


  1. Insight and Personal Development


-       Explain how this quality you have or achievement you accomplished describes your kind of person today.

-       Ensure that your story’s end illustrates something you are still proud of.

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