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University of California Personal Insight Question 2


How do you express your creativity? Everyone has a creative side expressed in various ways including problem solving, innovative thinking, or art?

Key considerations: What do you understand by creativity? Do you have any essential creative skill? How have you applied your creativity skill in life? If you were a creative problem solver, what was your solution? What processes did you take to solve it? Does your creativity influence those around you? Does your creativity play a significant role in your future career?


The Question’s Essence

The question attempts to probe the way you express a creative mind. It presents a good number of possible ways creativity may be expressed – mention anything that fits into the topic. Examine the kind of role that your creativity plays in your life. The essay will have three parts:

  1. Define your creativity


-       Mention what exactly you do that implies a creative mind. This goes beyond visual art or a music performance. As long as you have come up with something that never existed before, you are creative.

-       Explain what you spend your time creating.


  1. Link your creative motivation with your personality


-       Mention why you apply your creativity and if it’s for public recognition, self-use or even both

-       Mention if your creativity comes naturally or you struggle with it. Include whether or not you’re passionate about it.


  1. Link your creative motivation with your future


-       This can be ideally achieved by envisioning yourself using your creative skill in your profession.

-       Mention what you have learned from what you’ve created and its influence on your interaction with other people or things.

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