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Section 1

In this statement, you express what creativity means to you. You may have specific creative skills or talents, or you may have the ability to “think outside the box” in certain situations. There are multiple ways to experience creativity. 


Do: Focus on yourself. This is a personal reflection. 

Do: Describe your creative side in detail.

Do: Be creative! This is an essay about creativity, so don’t be afraid to share unique ideas. 


Don’t: Start off by talking about examples of your creativity. That will come in the next paragraph. 

Don’t: Become too philosophical or dreamy. This is a personal essay. 

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Your Personal Experience of Creativity

Starting Sentence Option 1: My experience with [name of program, specific art or musical practice, specific job or role you had] involved a high degree of creativity. 


Starting Sentence Option 2: A powerfully creative time in my life involved [briefly describe your creative endeavor, eg: “leading a student government poster campaign at my high school.”]


Section 2

What have you been able to do with your creativity? 


Do: Describe one or two specific examples of your creativity applied to a real-life experience.

Do: Focus on achievements. 

Do: Explain how your creativity played a positive role in those experiences. 


Don’t: Create a long list of examples of your creativity.

Don’t: Discuss future plans to apply your creativity. This will be a part of the next section.

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Examples of your Creativity

Starting Sentence Option 1: My role in [name of project or endeavor] involved [describe at least one creative task you completed.] 


Starting Sentence Option 2: Participating in this [name of creative endeavor] required me to [describe at least one creative task you completed.]


Section 3

This is where you can explain the influence of creativity on your life choices and your career or academic goals. Identify and discuss the impact of your creativity on the bigger picture of your life. 


Do: Explain how your creativity would be an asset for your future in an academic or professional setting

Do: Look at the “big picture”


Don’t: Try to save the world with your creativity. Rather, focus on concrete examples.

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The Influence of your Creativity on Your Life

Starting Sentence Option 1: Becoming more creative has influenced my life by [describe at least one specific way your life has improved through creativity.]


Starting Sentence Option 2: Creativity plays a role in my life today, as evident in my [describe at least one specific part of your life where creativity is applied.]


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