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Section 1

This response gives you the opportunity to highlight a specific experience to demonstrate your leadership qualities. Leadership qualities translate to your ability to contribute to the UC college community and take on responsibilities and roles within your department. 


Do: Focus on only one specific example. Your space is limited. 

Do: Remember that leadership does not need to have a title. Your leadership experience can be formal or informal. Ideas include mentoring others, organizing events or managing projects. 

Do: Include details about your responsibilities. 


Don’t: Make a list of multiple leadership experiences.

Don’t: Write about wanting to be a leader

Don’t: Write only about an award you received. Focus on actions you took to earn the award.

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Talk about your specific Leadership Role

Starting Sentence Option 1: Through my leadership experience at [name of organization, program or company,] I learned several [important/profound/lasting] [life lessons/skills.] My official title was [name your role,] which included [briefly describe your main responsibilities or tasks.]


Starting Sentence Option 2: My role as [name your role] at [name of organization, program or company] provided me with valuable leadership experience. I was given the main [responsibility/task] of [briefly describe responsibility or task.]


Section 2

Consider the impact of your role on other individuals, on a team, on an event or a project as a whole. How did your participation change the outcome or influence the situation? In this section, you describe the outcome of your involvement. 


Do: Explain at least one concrete example of your leadership’s impact.

Do: Focus on positive examples only.


Don’t: Use abstract examples such as “inspired others” or “made people happy.” Focus on concrete experiences. 

Don’t: Focus only on yourself. Rather, be sure to explain how your role affected the bigger picture. 

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Describe the Impact of your Role

Starting Sentence Option 1: My leadership role contributed mainly to the [briefly describe what or who your role supported.] Additionally, I participated in [describe other projects or tasks your contributions supported.]


Starting Sentence Option 2: Through this role, I was able to impact the [briefly describe what or who your role supported.] Further, my contributions supported [describe other projects or tasks your role supported.]

Section 3

This section is a reflection on how your experience changed your perspective on leadership in general. Tie your personal experience to your ideas about what o-strong=" leadership is and how you can apply what you’ve learned to future situations.


Do: Link your experience with your ideas about good leadership in general. 

Do: Mention at least one specific “kernel of wisdom” you took from the experience. It may even be something you’d change about your role. 


Don’t: Continue to list your achievements. This section is about personal reflection.

Don’t: Reflect negatively on your experience. Maintain a positive, goal-oriented attitude.

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Takeaway and Self-Reflection on Leadership

This role allowed me to reflect on the [qualities/power/influence] of o-strong=" leadership. I learned that good leadership requires [(choose one or more:)organization/perseverance/vigilance/creativity/kindness/planning.]. Based on what I learned, I believe I am now better equipped to make leadership decisions and contribute back to the community and campus by [talk about what you can do].

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