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Section 1

Keep this very short and to the point.


In contrast to the reading passage, which focuses on [point], the lecture states [opposing point]. Let’s take a closer look at the two.

Section 2

This section will focus on the the first point made in each format.

Point 1

In the audio portion, [name] points out [statement] and backs it up with evidence, such as [evidence]. However, in the written portion, [name] opposes this idea, stating [statement]. [His/Her] reasoning for this is [statement].

Section 3

Look at and analyze the second point in the lecture and text.

Point 2

The second point made by [name] is [point]. The lecture contradicts this by stating [statement] and presents the example of [example] to prove the point. In opposition to this, [name] says that [statement] and provides [evidence] to back [his/her] statement up.

Section 4

Finalize the essay with a look at the third point from the information given.

Point 3

In contrast to [name]’s statement of [statement], [name] reminds readers that [example]. This indicates that [statement], which [name] does not agree with.

Section 5

The conclusion is optional.


In conclusion, the reading section is focused on [theme], while the audio is more about [theme]. Both have their highlights, as well as their downsides.

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