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Template of an Analytical Paper

This type of paper has to do with providing primary source material that is compared with certain hypotheses and theories. It is excogitated by the writer or an established expert in the field. Follow the outline below to get a proper understanding of how an analytical paper is formatted.


Title Page

Abstract – 150 words tops. You must write in single line format with no indentations as you summarize the thesis and primary points.

Introduction – For an analytical paper, the analysis of the thesis is usually considered from a model or can be proposed by the writer. The components for every introduction should include an opening sentence, thesis statement, and focus of your analysis.

Main Body – It usually involves four paragraphs at least, but still depends on the word count you shall use. For every paragraph, you include a topic sentence and a transition sentence that increases the quality of your paper’s readability. If your analysis is derived from a book, insert quotes that support your points and other references (research) that exist as comments or reviews. Make sure you add them relevantly for each paragraph topic. In essence,

-       Provide a minimum of four paragraphs with an argument for each.

-       Use transition sentences between the paragraphs.

-       Include compelling commentary from other researchers

-       Moderately add direct quotes.

Conclusion – For an analytical paper, the information discussed may not support your original thesis. However, it is necessary you mention this here with an explanation of why your analysis doesn’t support the thesis.

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