Section 1

This should cover vocals and/or notes that come before the song actually begins. 


[Humming/vocals/musical notes] 



Section 2

Verses are most often four lines, but can vary, depending on the type of song you are writing.


Verse 1

[First verse of your song]

Section 3

The chorus should be catchy and easy to sing. It will be used between each verse.



[Catchy 4-6 lines]

Section 4

The second verse goes further into the song and pulls out some real feeling.


Verse 2

[Second verse]

Section 5

Go over the final bit of the story you want to tell in the song.

Verse 3

[Final verse]



Section 6

A bridge is a great place to resolve the problem in your song and to leave listeners feeling emotions.



[Two emotional lines]

Section 7

The outro is a final, fading farewell to your song and may involve voices or just music notes, like the intro.



[Humming/vocals/music notes]

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