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SAT Essay Template

5 Essential Things to Consider in SAT Essays

You can create a good SAT essay easily. All you need to know importantly are the certain key elements for writing one, which are:

The Introduction: This area is what gives an initial impression about your essay to readers. You must introduce your analysis with a statement that is discussed further by the author. Concisely, state the certain persuasive techniques the author used that your essay elaborates on.


The Thesis Statement: It is important to express an exact position that the author stands on, including the technique use to make his/her argument.

Tip: SAT essay scorers focus more on whether you can understand and interpret how the author makes his/her argument or not.

For instance, you are asked to write an essay in which you explain how Donald Trump creates an argument to convince his audience that Americans need to greatly reduce their relevance on air conditioning.

Bad thesis: The author tries to enforce to his audience by telling them that air conditioning has negative impacts.

The above thesis is poorly written because it does not specify the features of the argument being discussed or mention the views of Donald Trump. Now compare with the next one.

Good thesis: Through consideration of quantitative data, exploring viable counter arguments, and prudent use of striking phrasing and words, Donald Trump strengthens both the logic and convincingness of his argument that Americans need to reduce their reliance on air conditioning, significantly.


The Relevant Examples: You must provide certain examples from the passage of the technique that you claim the author used. These examples have to be clear and relevant to your thesis. You don’t need to rephrase an entire passage or explain where you point of view in relation to the author’s.


The Explanation for Examples: Summarizing or paraphrasing certain excerpts might not be enough to compel your readers. You need to backup the mentioned examples with more details that show how each example demonstrates an argument technique, and its convincing quality. You may initially include quotations, for instance, but you must further explain why that example form (quote reference) shows vivid language, and why it is persuasive.


The Conclusion: Here, you have to restate your thesis with examples your wrote concerning your essay, briefly. Do not use this section to include any more information that may even contradict your essay. End on a strong note with vivid language.

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