Research Paper - Analytical

Research Paper - Analytical

The structure of one outline to another remains similar, even though the writing form may exist differently. This is why a research’s structure outline can appear identical to that of a research paper template. The major components to an outline for a research paper format are introduction, body, and conclusion.

These components exist straightforward, but are broken down further wherein the writer gets to be specific or elaborate. The components allow you to arrange your paper in a way that your information is well placed and readable.

The introductory aspect is where you give your readers an initial impression, so it’s considered very important. Interestingly, it is usually written last. It involves presenting a topic as well as a thesis statement that you use to grab the attention of those who come across your paper.

The body is the center of your entire paper as it includes all the discussed fact-rich paragraphs and sub-sections. It enables you to further express your thesis statements as you provide topics and evidence that support your argument. The body should also contain insights about the methods used to conduct your research, adding investigative points or answers to certain queries.

You can consider inserting a literature overview by documenting literary sources that support your theories and hypotheses. However, try not to stray from the topic of your paper when choosing a literary source. Including any sort of data validation typically comes in after the methodology and literature sections. Use this part to highlight your results and mention other uncovered variables in your research. You may insert graphs or tables to further clarify.

The final aspect, which is the conclusion, is where you now provide a summary on the information or points you addressed in your paper. Ensure you don’t add any new information that wasn’t discussed in the body. You must restate your thesis statement as well, though not verbatim, and mention any future research.

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