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Project Proposal

[Date], [Name of organization]

Proposal for Project – Name/Title


-       State the reason for conducting the proposed project

-       Describe the main opportunities or solutions the project offers



  •         Specific and attainable objective 1
  •         Specific and attainable objective 2
  •         Specific and attainable objective 3



-       State the end results for the project

-       Describe the work phases that will be engaged



Phase #1 – Task – Duration

Phase #2 – Task – Duration

Phase #3 – Task – Duration



Describe the expenses for the project including the recurring non-recurring ones


Major Stakeholders

-       Name of client

-       Name of sponsor

-       Name of project manager


Monitoring and Evaluation

-       Provide details on the evaluation process of the project throughout till the end

-       Insert vivid indicators for setting goals and measuring results

Approval Signatures

Obtain the signatures for all key stakeholders

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