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Section 1

What is your idea? Why are you doing this? What is the goal of this project? 

Project Description

The purpose of this project is to [summarize purpose.] This project’s goal/s include/s [state one or two goals of the project.]

Section 2

Why are you doing this? What inspired you to select this topic? Use supporting details to back up your argument. 

Reason for Selection

This project is [important/necessary] for the [restate key project goal.] The outcome will support [who or what will benefit from this project?] This project is unique in that it addresses [summaries what makes your project stand out from others.] 

Section 3

What is your background knowledge on this topic? 

Background Knowledge

To begin this project, it is necessary to have a thorough understanding of [summarize required knowledge.] It is also important to understand the importance of this project in the context of [culture/science/academics/business.] 

Section 4

What new ideas, skills and concepts are you hoping to gain by doing this project?

New Learning

One of the key findings of our initial research was that [state essential fact or statistic.]

Section 5

What materials have you already read or studied related to this project? What mentors and online resources can to use to complete this? 

Background Research

The research conducted to execute this project involves [summarize research.] To prepare for this project, we studied [state subjects.] We also consulted the following [books/studies/experts]: [list books/studies/experts consulted for background research.]

Section 6

What are the steps you need to complete to finish this project? Be detailed and give a thorough list. 

Project Outline

This project has [how many?] key phases. The first phase involves [summarize step one.] The second phase involves [state step two.] The third and final phase involves [state step three.]

Section 7

In your opinion, risks or challenges might you face while completing this project? How might these be avoided? 

Possible Risks and Challenges

There are, of course, potential risks and challenges involved in this project. The main risk we considered was [summarize main risk.] One of the challenges we anticipated was [summarize key challenge.] Another possible risk was [state another risk.] 

Section 8

How will you demonstrate what you have learned from this project? 

Final Outcome

The goal of this project is to [summarize purpose of project.] The outcome will primarily impact [________]. This project will improve [summarize key improvements] by solving the problem of [summarize key problem solved.] In addition, the following can be expected: [bullet or numbered list of specific statistical changes, e.g. “improving annual revenue by 10%.”]