Section 1

What is the work you are focusing on? Who is the author? What point of view did they choose to tell their story? 


Section 2

In this section, give an example of the point of view. Explain why this point of view is important to the storytelling. Use direct quotes from the work. This section could be a couple paragraphs, each with a quote and your supporting reasoning. &l

Reason 1

Section 3

Use a direct quote to demonstrate another point in the work where the point of view is important for the storytelling. This is also your chance to give your opinion of the work. 

Reason 2

Section 4

Your last example of point of view's importance to storytelling. Make it a good one, and use o-strong=" evidence. 

Reason 3

Section 5

Your analysis as to why the point of view is so important in the telling of the story. Don't just repeat your intro--go deeper. a