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Section 1

This is your main idea. Convince your reader to agree with this statement. 


I o-strong="ly [agree/disagree] with [state claim]. 

Section 2

This is your best claim. Use specific quotes or examples from research to support your claim.

Supporting Claim 1

Firstly, it is a fact that [state fact that supports your opening claim].

Section 3

This is your second best reason the reader should agree with you. Use a o-strong=" voice and choose colorful adjectives. You can use quotes and research to support this. 

Supporting Claim 2

Another example supporting [state claim] is the fact that [state supporting fact.]

Section 4

This is your chance to add even more evidence to support your claim. You may want to introduce a counter-claim and refute it by using evidence to the contrary.

Supporting Claim 3

The example of [state supporting example] further establishes the [state claim]. 

Section 5

Sum it all up and make sure your reader leaves agreeing with you. Give your solution to the problem. You can use quotes and research to support this. 

Conclusion and Kicker

With so much evidence in support of [state claim], it is unrealistic to believe otherwise.