Section 1

In the first paragraph, you want to hook your reader’s attention with a o-strong=" opening. You also want to establish your position on the issue. Take a o-strong=" position either FOR or AGAINST the subject, and make your viewpoint clear from the beginning.


Starting Sentence Option 1: I o-strong="ly disagree with gun control. 


Section 2

You begin to elaborate your claim from the first paragraph. This is where you begin to show the reasoning behind your view. Remember to keep your ideas relevant to your main claim. Share facts and ideas that reinforce your view. 

Supporting Claim 1

Starting Sentence Option 1: Initially, consider the fact that [state idea]. This o-strong="ly supports the idea that [state claim].

Starting Sentence Option 2: Firstly, it is a fact that [state fact that supports your opening claim].


Section 3

Share another major claim that supports your views. You may include facts and evidence that are relevant to your claims. Try to use at least one specific example that supports your claim. 

Supporting Claim 2

Starting Sentence Option 1: Further evidence in support of [state claim] includes the example of [describe specific example supporting your claim].


Starting Sentence Option 2: Another example supporting [state claim] is the fact that [state supporting fact.]


Section 4

This is your chance to add even more evidence to support your claim. You may want to introduce a counter-claim and refute it by using evidence to the contrary. All of the statements you make here should serve to make your original argument even more powerful.

More Evidence to Support your Claim

Starting Sentence Option 1: While some may refute the claim that [state claim,] their reasoning is faulty because they have not considered the fact that [state supporting fact.]


Starting Sentence Option 2: The example of [state supporting example] further establishes the [state claim]. 


Section 5

Your final paragraph is a chance to re-state your thesis using different language. You do not want to re-write your thesis. Your conclusion should be logical based on the claims you have made in the previous paragraphs. When someone finishes reading yo


Starting Sentence Option 1: It follows the above examples that [state claim] is entirely [true/false]


Starting Sentence Option 2: With so much evidence in support of [state claim], it is unrealistic to believe otherwise.


Starting Sentence Option 3: Finally, consider the historical example of [state supporting example]. The claim that [state claim] has a long established track record of factual evidence. 


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