Persuasive Essay

Persuasive Essay


This is where the topic is introduced and usually exists as a controversial one. The students attempt to present their position here in a persuasive manner. Based on various levels, certain topics are to be chosen for certain students regarding their age, capability, and cultural/religious backgrounds. Some principal elements fir selecting an essay title include;

The title: It is typNormallytten in form of a question. An essay hinting at a vegetarian lifestyle, for example, can have one as, “To Eat Meat or Not?”

The hook: It is imperative that one captures the attention of their readers from the onset. A student can present a hook sentence as an anecdote, joke, quotation, or statistic relevant to the topic.

Thesis statement: Once students have surveyed the initial details of the topic in a paragraph, they conclude by expressing their position on the matter, previewing the main ideas to be further discussed.



Normally, the paragraphs in this section (one for each) are used to explain the main points stated in the introduction. The paragraph used per idea discussion could be more than one, especially for a complex topic. Students can use the TEEL method when structuring their essay.

Topic sentence – It presents the central point of the paragraph in form of a reason that supports the thesis statement.

Explain – The students expound on the topic sentence by further illustrating their point, specifically.

Evidence – These are sentences/statements that support the reason explained in the paragraph. They may be presented as examples, quotations, facts, or statistics.

Link – The “link” (transition) is a writing technique that connects the final part of a paragraph to the initial statement of the topic sentence. Also, it forms a bridge to the following points in another paragraph. It demonstrates the students’ point of view in relation to their conclusion, connecting the entire essay cohesively.



it combines the main points of the essay in a succinct way without introducing any new information. Students usually begin by restating their thesis statement with different wording or phrasing. They acknowledge this is the last impression to give their readers, so the end on strong notes to convince their audience of their point of view.

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