Section 1

Once you’ve decided on a life experience or event, begin your narrative by focusing on the basics. You may include details about one or more of the “W”s: Who, What, When or Where. 



One day, when I was [how old?] I experienced something [unforgettable/unique/life-changing/unusual.] [Briefly summarize what happened.]


Section 2

Add detail to your story by including sensory details. You may use quotations, a description of the setting, or a description of someone else important in your story. You may choose to describe how you felt emotionally or physically during this experience or event. 


Begin Telling Your Story

I will never forget the way [describe a detail you remember from this event.] 


At first, I felt [frustrated/sad/thoughtful/confused.]


Section 3

As you continue telling your story, be sure to describe the actions that you took. This is not only a descriptive essay, you are telling the story of how you reacted over time to this event or experience. You may continue to include details and sensory descriptions. 


Continue Telling Your Story

I also remember the way [describe another important detail from the story.]


I decided to [describe an action you took in response to the experience or event.]


Section 4

This is where you describe the point in your story where you changed as a result of the events. Perhaps you made a bold decision, became inspired, or learned a life lesson. This is an important part of your narrative because it will reveal the “meaning” of your story. Hint: this may involve receiving an award, achieving a goal, or taking on a new role. 


Turning Point or Climax

The path of my life changed when [describe the moment you made a bold decision, became inspired, or learned a life lesson.] 


Section 5

The experience or event you describe has changed your life in a specific way. How has the story you’ve told impacted your life and who you are today? Your conclusion will reveal how this story has influenced you. Hint: the experience may have changed you by teaching you about a value such as leadership or friendship


Reflect on the Impact

Ultimately, this experience taught me [describe a lesson, a value or a skill you gained from this experience.] 


This [experience or event] continues to impact my life because [describe something you are or something you do that relates to this story.]


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