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Selecting your topic

This is an imperative aspect for every news story one wants to write about. The topic presents the main idea of what you are going to discuss, so it should be newsworthy and catchy. But how can one verify whether the topic is newsworthy or not? Newsworthy topics inform readers about a subject matter that is current and relevant to the society. It should be unique, engaging, and impactful. For example, a topic that covers a new business in the area.

Don’t forget that the period on which your news story sets is important as well. You would want to tell an audience about things that are actively or recently happening to keep them updated. You should also consider the idea of “locality”. That is, are you writing for a small, community newspaper or a major magazine publication company? The events that the topic introduces can relate on a worldwide level, but you should try to employ the manner in which it affects your area.


Conducting interviews with witnesses

One of the tough things about writing a news story is obtaining valid information from a valid source. However, conducting an interview becomes less of a headache when tackled timely. In an instance of a local store robbery, it is expected you collect information from the store’s owner or staff. You may also ask people around that witnessed the whole or most of the incident. Arriving at the scene late may pose a flaw in the credibility of your information.


Establish the main “Ws”

This refers to the Who, What, When, and Where elements that you must establish in the beginning of your article. The Why and How elements can follow in further paragraphs to present your information in a logical pattern.


Developing the story

Once you have collected all the main Ws details, you can now present them in an order that flows appropriately. Start with the necessary information and let the rest spread throughout the remaining space.


Include character quotes

When writing a news story, you can make it more relatable or convincing with moderate quotations within your article. You can decide to quote certain important statements from individuals and organizations that relevantly contribute to the story being reported.


Research extra information

Don’t just stop where you have inputted all the information you sourced personally or know of. You can expand your content by adding additional details from reliable utility sources like Google. You would want to provide news stories that are extensive and comprehendible enough to satisfy an audience.


Revise your content

This is the final aspect of writing a good news story that some writers tend to omit. You should always go through your entire article and read it out as if you are making an oral report. Doing this allows you to inspect the right phrasings and language used. You must also inspect for grammar, spelling, and punctuation error. Lastly, ensure you haven’t accidentally plagiarized any information that you didn’t source directly yourself.

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