Section 1

Start with the most important point of the story. 


On [date], [name of person involved] was [action], when [newsworthy event] occurred. [State what is being done about this situation] 


Section 2

Give readers a little background on the event. If it happens regularly, explain why.


[Location] is usually [describe location], but on the night of [date], [event] occurred. This was precipitated by [cause]. 


Section 3

Provide more information on the people who were involved in the news, including family and where they worked, if relevant. 

People Involved

[Name of person involved] is a [career] living and working in [town or area] and a [wife/husband/mother/father, etc.] to [name or number of children/husband/wife]. 

Section 4

Provide a more detailed description of what happened that was newsworthy.

Details of the Event

The event occurred at [time], just outside of [location]. [Describe exactly what happened, in detail] 


Section 5

Including quotes or information from people on the ground, such as police or firefighters, or a member of the company, can add information and provide some expertise for your article.

Expert Thoughts

According to [name], [quote about the incident e.g. "I was caught off guard when..."]


Section 6

This is a good place to sum up the incident and let people know what is currently happening. Is there a police investigation? A celebration of the event? Provide information on what they can do in relation to this news. 


While people are [reaction] about the [incident], [explain what is going on to resolve the problem or what to expect going forward].


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