Narrative Essay Format - Middle School

Narrative Essay Format - Middle School

Basic Format of a Narrative Essay


  •         Start the essay with a compelling hook that can grab your readers’ attention.
  •         Follow it up with 2-3 sentences that introduce your thesis statement.
  •         When including your thesis, ensure you write it vividly as it encourages your readers to understand the essence of your essay. Avoid including details of your story here.

Example: Although my brother and I do not often see eye-to-eye, I realized how more important he means to me after he fell horribly ill.

Body – Main Story

  •         Introduce each paragraph with a topic sentence. At the end of the paragraphs, try to insert transition sentences that lead to the next topic sentence up until the last paragraph.

Example: The day first started as usual; Later that day, my brother’s illness escalated and got the entire family more worried; After such a long day, his situation started to get better.

  •         Use the paragraphs in this section to discuss the details of your story. Like every good narrative, you have to write the beginning, middle, and end vividly.

General Guidelines

-       Provide one idea for each paragraph.

-       Use descriptive language. May include figures of speech, sensory words, and vivid statements.


This is where you give the final impression. You should conclude in a way that your readers better understands the essence of having read your essay.

  •         Restate the importance of your thesis, but not verbatim.

Example: Although the day by brother got very sick was a terrible day for my family, it made us realize the importance of family relationships more.

  •         Summarize the main topics of your story.
  •         Expand on the significance of the experienced narrated. That is, tell readers the point of your story and its relevance in your life.

Example: This day may have been terrible, however, it is through certain terrible life events that people tend to value the best in life.


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