Section 1

Decide on an event or experience in your life you will be writing about. You will be telling the story from your perspective. Start with the basics: who, what, when, and where. Narrative essays rely on descriptive writing.


Starting Sentence Option 1: An extraordinary event that had a powerful impact on my [life/growth/career] occurred during [name time frame]. It was then that I [summarize your experience briefly.]

Starting Sentence Option 2: I will never forget the time [summarize experience]. The [event/experience] had a powerful and lasting influence on my life. It [name what the experience catalyzed, inspired or changed in your life]. 

Section 2

How does your story start? Use richly descriptive language to begin sharing details. Tell your story in a way that helps your reader visualize what happened and feel connected to it.

Begin Telling The Story

Starting Sentence Option 1: It all began when [richly describe the moment the story began.] *hint: utilize specific dialogue or specific sensory details to engage your reader. 

Starting Sentence Option 2: The experience of [summarize personal story] resulted in [describe resulting impact on your life/growth/career or personality].

Section 3


As you continue to tell the story, stay close to the most important details. It is easy to get sidetracked and your narrative can become “rambling.” The goa

Continue Telling the Story

Starting Sentence Option 1: Another memorable part of the experience was when [summarize experience]. 

Starting Sentence Option 2: A famous saying reads that [quote famous relevant saying.] This reminds me of the part of my experience when [summarize a key part of your experience.]

Section 4

A narrative essay usually has a turning point where the most intense point (climax) of your story occurs. This is where something dramatic happens or where something profound is understood at last. This part of the essay is where you share the “h

The Turning Point or Climax

Starting Sentence Option 1: The defining moment of the experience was when [summarize the turning point or climax of the story.] From that point on, I would never be the same.

Starting Sentence Option 2: Finally, [summarize the turning point or climax of the story.] At that point, I learned [summarize key life lesson or “take away.”]

Section 5

In the concluding paragraph, you will reflect on the overall lesson or impact of the experience you’ve been describing. This is where the significance of your story shines through. 

Conclusion: Revealing the Lesson or Impact of the Experience Described

Starting Sentence Option 1: Reflecting on that time in my life, I can not understate its permanent impact on my [life/growth/career/personality].

Starting Sentence Option 2: This experience remains a living part of my life because it permanently impacted my [life/growth/career/personality]. If I had not had that experience, I would not be as [*name trait] as I am today. *Hint: courageous/empathetic/caring/nurturing/o-strong=".

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