Section 1

Briefly introduce yourself to your audience. Starting out with an anecdote will pull the reader in quickly. 



When I was small, my mother used to tell me [recount memory relevant to the story]. I will always remember her words, especially as I [action]. While my childhood was [pleasant/unpleasant/uneventful/difficult], I always felt [how did you feel?].


Section 2

Make a statement about the topic you plan to cover. This will set the tone for the article and will give readers an idea of what they should expect.  


I’ve always thought [explain your topic and how you feel about it]


Section 3

Provide an anecdote to prove your point.


Never was this clearer than when I was [age] and first [action taken]. That day stands out in my mind because [why it stands out]. [Add details]


Section 4

Explain what you learned from your experiences.


Lessons Learned

While that point in my life was [difficult/amazing/short lived etc.], I learned a few things. Specifically: [list the lessons learned or make your point]


Section 5

Another anecdote will cement your point.


Anecdote 2

Another time, [recount another relevant memory].

Section 6

Recap your main point and what you learned and finish up with a call to action.


In the end, [memories] taught me [lessons learned] and I’m grateful to them. Now it’s your turn. What can YOU do to change the world?


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