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Section 1

To create introductory paragraph, simply restate the information given in the question and give your perspective.


[Reword the question as a statement, in your own words]. While I agree with [statement], I feel that [action] would be more useful, as [reasoning].  

Section 2

Choose one point to use in this first paragraph.

Point 1

It’s important for [sample subject] to be free to [action]. The reason I feel this way is because [example]. For me, personally, [statement] makes sense. After all, if you [action], then [consequence] will occur, so why not [statement]?

Section 3

The second paragraph can show more examples to illustrate your second point or answer.

Point 2

Another good point is [statement]. There are a few reasons I feel this way, including [reason 1] and [reason 2]. A good example is when [example].

Section 4

Conclusions should sum up what you’ve already said in the body of the essay.


In conclusion, I feel [thesis statement]. As you can see from the examples above, I have a good reason for this opinion and feel o-strong="ly about it.

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