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Section 1

Greet the person and let them know why you’re writing.

Greeting and Introduction

Dear [Mr./Mrs.] [name],  

I’m writing to [request a letter of reference/respond to your letter/etc.].

Section 2

Give the necessary information. This can be on or two paragraphs depending on the amount of information you want to provide.

Information Pargraph

As you know, I have [worked at ___/had an issue with ____]. I would like to [explain the situation or give advice].  

Section 3

Conclude your letter by thanking the person.Finish up the letter with an appropriate signature.

Thanks and Signature

Thank you for [your time/contacting me]. I look forward to your response.

[Sincerely/Best Regards],

[Your First and Last Name]

Section 4
Enter tip for section

Section 4

Enter helpful seed content for section here

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