IELTS Writing Task 1 General

IELTS Writing Task 1 General

IELTS Writing Task 1 – General Template

Writing Tip

You must not omit any of the three points that you are asked to write about. Do not add irrelevant sources or materials otherwise you’ll lose marks. Write a paragraph for each point with a concluding paragraph as well. No need to add postal addresses in this case.


Time target: 20 minutes      

Word count: 150 words

You will move to a new city for work and know some people that reside there. In your letter,

-       Ask them about getting  a place to stay

-       Tell them a location preference

-       Mention the type of place you have in mind


Model Answer

Dear ma,

I want to inform you that I am moving to New York and would like to make certain inquiries about a few things before arriving there.

Can you please assist me in finding somewhere to reside? Preferably, I would like to get a place that is not far from where I’ll be working, or in the downtown district. An area within some shops like a supermarket and DVD rental place would be ideal. I enjoy hitting the gym as well, so having one nearby would be great.

I am not particularly concerned about the place itself since I just need a simple apartment (not a house). A place that isn’t too pricey and rent-friendly. It should have, say, one bedroom, a private bathroom, a kitchen, and perhaps a living room. I would really like somewhere new, so anywhere of modern apartment qualities would be nice.

Thanks for your help!

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