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Section 1

Let the reader know what you are analyzing in this section, as well as a general overview of the essay.


This [line graph/bar graph/map/chart] looks at [data provided e.g. popluation growth of India and China ]. The first chart shows the [data in the first chart e.g. reasons why people bicycle to work]. Conversely, the second chart [data in second chart e.g. reasons why people drive to work].

Section 2

State all the interesting observations in the chart or data. This includes similarities and differences in data. Always include the ACTUAL data you have been given when making a point.

Data Observation Paragraph

According to the [ graph/table/chart] we’ve seen [an increase/a rise/an improvement] in [data e.g. population, sales, time]. The [most important/biggest/significant] [change/rise/increase/segment] is [area], which [rose/improved] [amount] [since/over X time period]. Other areas saw a [significant/lesser/similar] change, such as [area], which saw [change] and [area], which [action change].




  • Comparing data involves recognising similarities and differences.
  • Focus on the data that shows the main similarities/differences.
  • Always mention the actual data (numbers, percentages, dates, etc.) in your comparison but make sure it is relevant to the point you are making.

Section 3

Summarize your observations here.


In general it seems that [area/place/person etc.] seems to be more [popular/faster/bigger/slower etc.], due to [reasons]. By contrast, [area/place/person etc.] seems be [lower/smaller/slower etc.].

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