Global Warming Essay Argumentative

Global Warming Essay Argumentative

The atmosphere of our planet is filled with extreme warmth-trapping gases that disrupt the climate and pose dire consequences. The greenhouse gases also form a blanket-like layer that helps to prevent the emission of radiation back into space. All these natural processes contribute to the major environmental crisis that exists today: Global warming and climate change.



The accumulation of greenhouse gases in the ozone layer, mainly contained by carbon dioxide, is what increases our planet's temperature, significantly. As industrialization advances, this greenhouse gases emits on a larger scale forming the blanket-like layer that prevents radiation to be deflected into space. In essence, the sun rays that hit the ground don't get reflected back into space but down to our planet instead. This naturally causes global warming.



The impact of global warming has affected the lives of humans and animals on the planet. Climate change, most significantly, causes extreme weather conditions that result in natural consequences like floods and drought. These consequences bring about the destruction of properties and lack of food resources.


Viable Solutions

There has been no end to the efforts made to curb the negative effects of global warming in our world. Certain policies have been introduced to minimize the emission of greenhouse gases from industrial companies. The automobile industry, for instance, has developed hydroelectric vehicles which help utilize green energy. Some other industries encourage planting of trees to reduce the existence of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.



It is apparent that global warming poses serious threats to life on earth. The climate changes that instigates harsh weather conditions like flood and drought negatively impact the lives of both humans and animals. However, many strategies are introduced and developed to curb the way global warming affects our environment. For instance, there are international policies that specify the maximum allowable emission of greenhouse gases for certain companies.

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