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Section 1

 Gain your reader’s interest by using a “hook,” then introduce your main idea and thesis. Your hook could be a quote, question or interesting statistic. 


Hook: A famous writer once said that “[quotation related to your topic]” example: “a dog is a man’s best friend.” 


Topic Sentence: This is true when applied to [summarize your main topic: example, “my own dog Sammy.”

Section 2

Include supporting ideas about your main thesis. Each of your “supporting ideas” paragraphs should contain one main idea and at least one supporting example.

Supporting Idea

One thing I’ve observed frequently about [my topic] is [________]

Section 3

 Further, [my topic] is relevant in [the world/my life] because [state reason.]

Supporting Idea

Further, [my topic] is relevant in [the world/my life] because [state reason.]

Section 4

Add another main point. Add additional or important information.

Supporting Idea

Another key element of [my topic] is [________]. 

Section 5

This is your conclusion. Tie your main points together and reinforce the main idea. 


Overall, [my topic] is notable for its impact on [“me,”/”my family,”/”society,”/”culture,”/”science,”]

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