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Section 1

Start your cover letter with a simple, 1-2 sentence introduction. Your introduction should include: 1) Name of position you are applying for 2) Where you saw the open position advertised 3) A statement expressing an interest in the position and that you look forward to learning more about the company (optional).


Brief Introduction

Dear Mr./Mrs.__________________,




[Company name]

To Whom it May Concern,


I was excited to see the job listing on [name job board] for the [position] at [company name]. I’d like to introduce myself as a candidate for the position and I look forward to learning more about your company’s needs. 

Section 2

Explain why you want to work for the new employer and highlight some reasons why you are ideal for the position. Do not be afraid to speak highly of yourself and list your outstanding skills and experience. Remember that this is also a sample of your writing skills, so be sure to edit your paragraphs. Some ideas for statements include: a) State that you are a o-strong=" candidate for the position b) State 1-2 experiences, skills or traits you have that are relevant to the open position. c) List at least one specific previous position you’ve held that is relevant. 

First Paragraph

I have the blend of experience, skills and attitude to become an integral part of the team at [company name]. My previous positions have included management roles as well as creative roles. Over the past [number of years] , I have developed o-strong=" skills in [skill 1], [skill 2] and [skill 3] with which I was able to [impact that you had on the company e.g. increase sales, reduce expenses etc.]. Additionally, I have honed my skills in managing a team in a fast-paced, deadline-driven environment. Throughout my roles, I have always maintained a team-oriented attitude. 

Section 3

This optional paragraph is your chance to shine. Help your potential future employer get to know you a bit more. Here are some ideas for your optional second paragraph: a) Explain something you’ve done very recently that is relevant to the requirements of the open position. b) Add some information about your relevant education or something unique and special to help you stand out from the crowd. c) Brag a little! Share a major achievement.


Second Paragraph (optional)

Most recently, my role as an [position] at [company name] has allowed me to build my skills in managing [type of projects e.g. multi-media, social media etc.]. That role also required advanced skills in [skill e.g. Excel] and [skill]. During my time at my previous position, I increased [impact you had e.g. increased sales by X%, generated Y% more marketing leads]. Beyond my work experience, my education also contributes to my candidacy for your open position. I hold a B.A. in [major] and an M.A. in [area of graduate study]. I believe I possess the right blend of experience, education and personality to bring even more success to [company name]. 

Section 4

At the close of your cover letter, mention that you have references available and/or portfolio samples of your previous work. Thank the potential employer for their time and end on an enthusiastic note. Sign your letter. 

Closing Statement

I would be happy to provide a portfolio featuring some of my previous projects, and references who can attest to my skills in previous positions. I would welcome the opportunity to interview with you at your convenience. Thank you kindly for your time.


Kindest Regards/Sincerely,


[Your name]



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