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Common App Personal Essay Prompt 2

Answering Prompt #1 Questions When Writing Your Common Application Essay

This prompt focuses on an unconventional request to know about your vulnerability. The committee isn’t concerned now with what your successful life goals and achievements are. Rather, they propose the “lemonade effect” employing writers to navigate through some of their toughest life events or situations.

Don’t aim at “selling” your story.

When answering here, you shouldn’t write to compel your readers about how very hard or difficult your situation was. The committee doesn’t have a formula for judging the toughness quality of your story. In essence, don’t write like you want to “sell” your story but instead write to show them how resolute you are. You should write to tell how you are able to discover yourself again or turn the table around after a significantly unpleasant event.

Be real and genuine

When writing stories with setbacks and mishaps, be sincere about what you tackled on the events. Exaggeration won’t be necessary either as mentioned in the previous paragraph, so even the common things like shock and intimidation are still acknowledged by the committee. While telling your story here, contrast the emotions with nouns that illustrate your resolution. Words like perseverance, determination, tolerance, and power can capture how you overcame a negative series of events.

Your actions speak for you

You should elaborate more on the aftermath of problems you faced. The committee wants vivid details about your struggle in finding peace or resolve after the initial unfavorable events. From there, how can you apply that life-changing character in the school such that it may be admired and recognized. Write to tell the committee that college isn’t where you just grow academically, but an environment wherein your actions and decisions are felt by the people around.

Create suspense and positivity

No one expects you to be able to narrate all the turning points and crucial aspects of your life. However, it is advisable that you expound on the ones that have an optimistic end. It’s better to let readers know that you returned to light after a dark-engulfed life experience. This naturally leaves a good impression about what you’ve become or achieved. Write your essay in a manner that makes your readers anxious about the next paragraph. Create thought-provoking instances if possible and conclude your story by interpreting the uncanny events.

Use “I am” statement

This means letting the committee know who you currently are. It is among the most omitted (important) parts when applicants attempt this prompt. You shouldn’t get so caught up explaining your life story that you forget to identify yourself at the end or even within the essay. Let readers know who you have become after the series of events as you expand your present perspective and stance in life. The committee then agrees about your readiness to the next step of your academic career and further. 

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