Abortion Essay Argumentative

Abortion Essay Argumentative

Thought about some abortion-related topic ideas and examples for an argumentative essay? Check out the ones mentioned below:

  1. Will the illegalization of abortion increase backstreet abortions?
  2. How does abortion affect a woman’s health?
  3. What should be the minimum age to legally abort?
  4. What reasons exists behind the decision of abortion for married couples?
  5. Can an unborn fetus experience pain during abortion
  6. Should one consider abortion as murder?
  7. Why do women choose to do abortions?
  8. The attitude to abortion in different cultures.


The following structure is applicable for a general argumentative essay on abortion pro-choice.


  •         Define what abortion means
  •         Analyse the societal aspect of abortion
  •         Thesis statement: Should society’s contempt towards abortion break the lives of not only the women’s, but families and unwanted children’s?

Main Body

  •         #1 Paragraph: Mention at least two arguments in favor of abortion
  •         #2 Paragraph: Mention at least two arguments against abortion


  •         Sustain the thesis statement with a general deduction
  •         Provide a personal experience or vision


In case you have an opposing view towards abortion, here are some useful argumens:

  1. Abortion means killing an innocent creature.
  2. Life begins in a woman's womb, so the unborn child has a right to live.
  3. Studies show that scientists believe a fetus experiences the pain of abortion.
  4. Abortion contradicts God’s commandments.
  5. Abortion can lead to psychological issues.
  6. Abortion affects the number of available children for adoption.
  7. Abortion is regarded a physical discrimination due to the embryo’s abnormalities.
  8. Abortion should not be linked to a form of contraception.
  9. Abortion mutilates the possible social contribution of an unborn child.
  10. Abortion may pose future problems to a woman’s health.

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