Essay Examples

Study Good Essay Examples to Write a Great Essay

Do you find it difficult to sit down and write a great essay? Then you might benefit from brushing up on some essay examples for college before you write. Reading other people’s work can be inspiring and it will also give you a better sense of what can be done with an essay. Just make sure you’re reading the good ones, rather than a few failing essays.

A good essay example is one that follows the format of the specific type of essay. It should also be one that professors have, or would, rate highly. In fact, you may even find some essays that have already done well in classes. These are great for checking out, since they show exactly what the professors are looking for and what a well-written essay looks like.

As you read sample essays, remember that they are only meant to inspire. At no time should you consider copying any part of the essay, no matter how tempting it is. Instead, take note of the structure, how the writer used their words, and the points they made. Then use those structural elements to create your own amazing work.

It’s a good idea to look at several different sample essay topics. For example, if you’re writing an argumentative essay on tobacco use, check out essays on a variety of topics to get more ideas for writing your own. This also helps ensure your essay will be entirely unique.