Common App Transfer Essay 1 Example and Outline

Common App Transfer Essay (2016-17)

Prompt: Please provide a statement that addresses your reasons for transferring and the objectives you hope to achieve. You can type directly into the box, or you can paste text from another source. (250-650 words)

Common App Transfer Essay 1 Example 

"It's not bad; it's just not me."

My roommate has gone out for the evening, so I'm composing this essay in the quiet of my dorm room. Since coming here last fall, I have learned new subject matter in my classes and have met some very nice students in the dorm and in the dining hall. But most of all, it's what I've learned about myself that counts. I realize that life at this institution isn't bad; it's just not what I wanted for my college experience. As a result, I am applying as a transfer student for the coming year.

Academically, I am interested in child psychology with the goal of helping troubled teens. As a freshman, I took Introduction to Psychology in an auditorium filled with nearly 200 other students. Needless to say, that limited our opportunities for discussion. While we had a mandatory lab in the evening, it was led by a graduate student. So it was hard to get to know my professor; what I learned about child development was primarily in my textbook. Unfortunately, two other courses were delivered in ways that made interaction quite difficult. For math, all freshmen go to a large facility with individual workstations, while upperclassmen circulate to help answer questions. A component of my freshman biology class was delivered online.

Life outside of academics is also limited by the rural location. Although I enjoy the fresh air and feeling of safety, activities are limited to the campus, and only upperclassmen are permitted to have cars. Greek life is quite popular as a result. While I grew up near a city and didn't always take full advantage of its accessibility, I now long to be able to have options off campus and opportunities to socialize outside of fraternities and sororities.

As I look ahead to my sophomore year, I really don't think I will have a difficult adjustment. In composing my target list of colleges, First and foremost, I have selected schools with strong psychology departments and research facilities and have scrutinized many course catalogs to be sure there are interesting courses in child and teen development at every college I'm considering. There are great transfer options in or near major cities, so I won't be as likely to experience the same feeling of isolation, nor will I need a car. Each time I investigate a campus, I ask about where transfers live, how they mix with the returning students, and what students do on weekends. Now I know to keep up my grades and learn as much as possible. I will view my inaugural year as a growth experience and will take the lessons with me as I continue toward my bachelor's degree in psychology. I couldn't be more excited. Who knows? Maybe I'll even be a resident advisor for transfer students.

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