Common App Supplemental Essay University of Pennsylvania Example and Outline

Common App Supplemental Essay - University of Pennsylvania

Prompt: How will you explore your intellectual and academic interests at the University of Pennsylvania? Please answer this question given the specific undergraduate school to which you are applying. (400-650 words)

Common App Supplemental Essay Example - University of Pennsylvania

My Friday nights are probably a bit different from those of typical American high school seniors. At 9:00 pm, I tune in to Shark Tank, fascinated by the product pitches, investors' styles, valuation strategies, and bantering about of business ideas. While my friends are playing online games at midnight, I'm analyzing websites, looking at everything from home-page designs to customer service. (I'm even designing websites for small businesses in Charlottesville and running the Slow Pitch Entrepreneurs Club at my school.) Yes, I've caught the e-commerce bug. So when I started looking at colleges, my teachers and guidance counselor agreed, telling me, "You've got to look at Wharton!" So last spring, I took the Amtrak Crescent from Charlottesville to 30th Street Station, anxious to see what the hype was about.

Some of my ideas about marketing have developed through my own learning and volunteer experience helping out Virginia's small businesses. However, I recognize that the world outside Charlottesville is huge, and I need to study at an institution known for its leading-edge teaching of marketing and its access to well known researchers. At Wharton, I would be able to satisfy my interests best by pursuing a bachelor of science in Marketing while adding Managing Electronic Commerce as a sub concentration.

During the first day of my stay at Penn, I was able to sit in on Professor Deborah Small's Marketing for Social Impact class in Huntsman Hall, where I enjoyed the class debate on advertising prosocial behavior. After class, I introduced myself to Professor Smith, and she took time to answer my questions, even asking an undergrad, Sam Foreman, to show me around Wharton's Learning Lab. (Sam and I later grabbed a snack at Hill House, and I heard about Penn's commitment to students through its Faculty Council for Undergraduate Research.) Since I was fortunate enough to have arranged an overnight stay, I was able to gather my nerve and stop in Huntsman Hall the next day, this time to see Professor Monique Guignard-Spielberg, who was holding office hours. She took the time for me, a prospective student from Virginia, to discuss the evolution of and requirements for the Managing eCommerce program. I was ready to register on the spot!

Since my trip to Penn, I have thought about the extent to which psychology plays a role in marketing, even futuristic marketing done electronically. So this year, I am studying AP Psych at my high school, and the theories seem more relevant than ever. When I looked into continuing the study of psychology at Penn, I was pleased to find out that even though I'd be enrolled at Wharton, I would still be able to register for courses within the College of Arts & Sciences. I would like to take Cultural Psychology and Behavioral Economics and Psychology, which I could apply to my career in ecommerce. Since I have completed four years of French, I am particularly interested in studying at France's �cole des Hautes �tudes Commerciales, where I can study business in my second-favorite language and meet students from around the world.

As my college search continued, I looked into other universities having undergraduate programs in marketing and psychology. I took some tours, virtual and live. But no universities could compare with Wharton. I can't wait to walk down Locust Walk with my fellow Quakers, discussing psychological studies and our lab results. I'm looking forward to spending time in the Learning Lab, testing the effect of gaming on human cognition. I want to kick back after class in the East Hall of Huntsman and attend guest lectures in the Colloquium. As a result, I am enthusiastically applying Early Decision, knowing that a Wharton undergraduate experience will stay with me long after my four years are over.

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