Common App Supplemental Essay Marist College Example and Outline

Common App Supplemental Essay (2016-17) - Short Example (250 words) - Marist College

Prompt: Why do you think Marist is a good match for you? (250 word maximum.)


I grew up loving two things: Italian food and sports. I consider myself lucky to be a Marciano, that is, part of a large Italian-American family. Our typical Sundays include soccer in the morning (complete with Andres Cantor's "G-o-o-o-a-l!") and gatherings in our family room with Mets' games in the background followed, of course, by a shared meal with lots of pasta and gravy (also known as sauce).

So when it came time to look for a college, I wanted to do more than just hold onto my roots and sports; I wanted to experience them. I am interested in studying communication and language, and at Marist, that is uniquely possible. I would like to pursue a BA in Sports Communication at Marist's School of Communication and the Arts. The day I visited Poughkeepsie, I sat in on Professor Mirabito's lecture, listening intently as the class discussed recent research on the media's handling of NFL cases. I would like to learn more about sports reporting and sports broadcasting and am glad both are integral components of Marist's program.

However, I don't see how a college experience could be complete without study abroad. So when I heard about Marist in Italy, I was ready to enroll! The unique program in Florence would allow me to learn more about my grandparents' language while also studying digital media, important for any professional in sports communication. I am so ready for college, especially as a Red Fox!

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