University of California Example Essay Transfer Prompt

University of California: Transfer Essay Prompt

Prompt: Please describe how you have prepared for your intended major, including your readiness to succeed in your upper-division courses once you enroll at the university.

University of California: Transfer Essay Prompt Example

My love for nature and my curiosity led me to choose Biology as my major. I wanted to pursue the branch of science most closely related to the natural world. Biology, and most specifically cell biology, allow me to see more deeply into nature. Ever since my childhood, when I spent much time hiking the nature trails and collecting bugs, I've been inspired by nature. I was drawn to all the sciences, but realized that Biology brought me closer to understanding the world around me.

I have prepared for my major by taking all prerequisite courses required for a Biology major. Additionally, I have also taken electives related to Biology to broaden my knowledge base. Such electives include a History of Science course and a Botany course with a research component. Beyond courses themselves, I have contributed several science articles to my current college's newspaper. I have also volunteered my time to do data entry for a major study being conducted by my college's Biology department, to give me hands-on experience in the research process.

As I continue to pursue my Biology major at UC, I will continue to excel academically. More importantly, I am committed to becoming an active part of the student body, especially within my department. I will seek volunteer opportunities to participate in research. Additionally, as an upperclassman, I will have the skills and experience to be of service to other students who are just beginning their Biology major. It is important to me to teach as I learn, and tutoring within my department is one way I plan to do so. Further, you will find me specializing in cell and molecular biology, my intended emphasis.

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