5 Must-Know SAT Writing Tips

5 Must-Know SAT Writing Tips

The SAT writing section makes most people nervous. If you’re not an expert essay writer, it can be terrifying, even. Looking at SAT writing examples, you may wonder just how it’s done. Follow the five tips below to boost your score.

1. Practice the SAT writing essay ahead of time.

There’s nothing like practice to help you get over your fear. Since the new SAT writing section gives you just 50 minutes to complete it, you’ll need that practice. SAT writing section practice will also help you with time management, so you can finish the entire section and essay before your time runs out.

2. Stick to proper essay format.

Every good essay begins with an excellent introduction, moves on to the body and then has a conclusion that leaves the audience thinking. Simply including an introduction and a conclusion can give your score quite the boost. The introduction should include your thesis statement, or primary claim, as should the final paragraph. Overall, the essay should be concise and transition from one part to the next smoothly.

3. Know your grammar.

The SAT writing section grammar rules are the same as with any essay and can make a difference on your final score. Improper spelling and grammar can quickly sink your score, so brush up on grammar before you sit the test. You will be judged on how well you use language and whether or not the essay sounds well put together or not.

4. Keep it simple.

There’s no need to expound on every single thing that is mentioned in the text. In fact, you’ll end up with a higher score if you boil the text down to the most important parts and focus on those sections. Reviewers rate this ability higher than just being able to write well about every detail in the essay.

5. Write formally.

When it comes to new SAT writing and language tips, you can’t leave out the writing style. Never write your essay in first person. The first person format discredits the majority of the writing and is not professional. Stick to third person and use formal language. There should be no slang in your essay.

More SAT Essay Writing Tips

As long as you make sure you read the prompt thoroughly and then write your essay focused on the arguments that relate most to the main thesis, you’ll do well on the essay. However, there are a few more secrets that will help you create a more impressive essay and rate a higher score.

Use words and phrases from the prompt. Using some of the same wording as the prompt will show reviewers that you’re paying attention and that the essay is on topic.

Write more than a page. While one page is accepted, it’s not a good idea to write too little. Your score will be lower if the essay is too short to show your understanding of writing skills. Plan for at least two pages.

Stay objective. The new SAT writing section requires an objective eye. Don’t choose one side or the other. You need to be objective in order to write a somewhat detached essay about how the prompt handles the argument, rather than focusing on right or wrong.

The SAT writing section tips given here will help you raise your overall score. However, it’s up to you to practice and work on building up your score. The timed element of the essay makes it a bit more challenging than the average college essay and you’ll need to budget your time as you work. Set specific limits for reading and understanding, then writing and a final 5-10 minutes to polish and edit your essay. Those who take practice exams before sitting the actual exam tend to do far better than their peers, so take advantage of the prep time.


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