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Statement of Purpose - Graduate School Application
Applicant Profile: Applying for a masters in computer science.

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Ever since the first time I wrote a line of code, I've been passionate about the magic of computer science. This passion is what has inspired me to study computer science at the graduate level and specialize in network security. Network security fascinates me because it applies to our daily lives in so many invisible ways. With nearly every transaction we make online, we rely on network security measures to keep our information safe. I plan to pursue comprehensive research that will contribute to advancements in network security, specializing in data encryption. My passion, drive and curiosity will influence my future studies in your program.
During my undergraduate studies at Xavier Engineering College, I participated in a study called the Blackhawk Project. This study involved beta testing various programs designed to protect information being transferred between mobile devices. I led a team in designing one of the programs, and our program was ranked the most effective in the study. This experience solidified my research and leadership skills within an academic setting. It also expanded my knowledge of programming languages and mobile device security. In addition to my comprehensive computer science studies, the Blackhawk Project and other similar undergraduate experiences have given me a more advanced perspective on my field.
This graduate program is a powerful, practical next-step in my academic career. I will be able to combine my skills and curiosities in order to be a leader within your program. I plan to spearhead research with a team of students that will further the research I've previously embarked upon. I have been inspired by articles I've read about your program's current research in mobile network security, especially the initiatives led by Dr. Harrington's team in 2015. I am eager to join such a thriving research community, and am confident that my current programming skills would be of great value there. It is important to me personally and professionally to continue developing technology that makes the world more secure.
As an undergraduate, I felt challenged by one assignment in particular. Our professor required us to create a program that would support some aspect of mobile network security. Not only that, but we were to imagine our program as a "product" and create an advertisement for it. This project required me to "come out of my shell." As a researcher and programmer, I can be somewhat reserved. This professor had me standing in front of a lecture hall, pitching my project to hundreds of students. The experience was a breakthrough for me as I realized how important it is to share excitement with others. I became more open to networking with other students, researchers and professors, even those in other departments. I received incredible, constructive feedback from members of the audience that day.
This graduate program will become the ideal platform for me to collaborate, create and share my evolving passion for computer science. Because of my focused academic trajectory, my contributions will be both immediate and lasting. In the short term, I'll bring my enthusiasm to the classrooms as a student, participating in the school community. In the long term, I plan to leave a legacy of research that in the future will be continued by students just as passionate as I am.