How to write a Dissertation

Writing a thesis or dissertation can be an incredibly daunting task. It may be the first time you've taken on such a big project, and you may not know where to start. However, with a little confidence and some guidance on how to structure your paper, you can successfully dive into the project you've been working towards. WriteWell can provide you with the proper steps and tools so you no longer have to wonder how to write a thesis.

1. Make a timetable
It can be easy to get off track when working on such a big project. Set small deadlines for yourself along the way to help pace your progress. Even better, build in some accountability. For example, set a date to share the first draft of a chapter with your advisor for edits.

2. Outline
Work on a rough structure for your paper and run it by your advisor before you start writing. This will help you ensure that all the information you need to include has a place and that it will flow logically.

3. Work how you work best
Writing a thesis or dissertation will take countless hours. When you sit down to write, put yourself in a good position to use your time effectively. This means knowing what time of day, where, and under what conditions you are most productive, and creating a writing environment that matches them.

4. Beat writer's block
Writer's block is an inevitable aspect of any writing endeavor. However, there are ways to continue being productive even if you feel completely stuck. Try making bullet points of what you want to say in the section you're stuck on, or work on something more straightforward such as the acknowledgements or bibliography, and return when you feel ready to give it another shot.