How to write a business memo


A business memo is a note or short letter that is sent within a company to notify employees about news, a change to be made or a complaint. Memos are usually very short and rarely more than a page long. To write a great memo, here are a few tips:


  1. Cut any and all unnecessary information.Memos need to be short, rather than distracting and should give your reader all the information they need in a concise manner.

  2. Make sure your subject reflects what the memo is actually about. This can be just a couple of words, but needs to convey your main point. For example, “No more coffee at desks” is very clear about what the memo discusses.

  3. Discuss the reason for your memo. If there is a problem that needs to be resolved, then it should be brought up at the beginning of the memo. This will give everyone some context when you present the solution.

  4. Be clear about what you expect from the people reading the memo. Are you simply informing them? Do you require their presence somewhere? Should they be taking on a specific task? Making this very clear ensures you get the results you want.

  5. Keep the memo to the necessary audience. If this is something just a handful of people need to know, then only send it to them. Sending unnecessary notes to other people in the company can result in confusion and a lack of action.